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Why Hire a Board Certified Attorney? Injured in an Oil Field Accident? OSHA Violations can result in you being out of work.
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Texas Oil Field Injury Attorney

About Oil Field Injuries

Unless one works in the oil industry, they may not appreciate the dangers which come with being an oil field worker. Although workers accept the hazardous environment they operate in as part of the job, their situation is needlessly made much worse when employers fail to abide by OSHA regulations and other safety standards. The boom in Texas oil has been accompanied by heightened pressure for production and efforts to increase profits. Not surprisingly, these factors have also brought about injuries and fatalities for oil field works. When negligence or avoidance of safety procedures causes injury or death, Sloan, Bagley, Hatcher & Perry get to work to protect the rights of those who were harmed.

Texas laws do not require employers to carry worker's compensation or cover the wages of employees who were injured at work. There are ways, however, that a dedicated Texas oil field injury lawyer from our firm can secure compensation for medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering due to injury. We have passed the tough testing and review by fellow attorneys and judges that is required to demonstrate our specialized knowledge in resolving personal injury cases. Fewer than 10% of Texas lawyers are certified, which gives you the security of knowing an attorney from our firm has the experience and proven ability you need. We have 114 years of combined experience to use towards seeking the compensation desired from your case.

With us, you are not just a case or someone who has been injured. We look beyond that and take a personal interest in you and your goals. Our team of committed attorneys, paralegals, investigators and support staff work to achieve the most favorable outcome possible to your case. We are members of Texas Super Lawyers, Multi-Million Dollar Advocates, Top 100 Lawyers and have been listed in "The Best Lawyers in America." Our firm has recovered millions in damages for our clients and it would be our pleasure to help you during what we know can be a tough road back to recovery. Please read the paragraphs below to learn more about the ways in which we can help.

Areas of Practice

OSHA Violations
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has established regulations through which oil field workers can be better protected from the hazards of their work. When these are not followed, the result can be accidents causing injury or loss of life. We investigate to find why OSHA standards were not adhered to and who was responsible so that effective actions can be taken to compensate you for loss of wages, medical expenses and other items. Read more about OSHA violations...

Explosion Accidents
Oil field hot work, explosive gases, well heads and fuel tanks can all be sources of explosions in and around oil fields. Many times, explosions can be the result of failures to maintain safe operating procedures in areas which are known to be dangerous. These accidents can cause a variety of injuries to workers, who are then unable to make a living. Oil field workers have rights to compensation that need to be protected. Find out more about explosion accidents...

Pipeline Blowouts
Expansion in oil production has meant that new wells are routinely being drilled while maintenance must be done on an ever growing amount of working installations. If new construction is done poorly or existing wells are not properly maintained, a pipe blowout can place workers at great risk. Blowouts can cause severe injuries that require costly medical care and treatment and workers needs someone on their side when injury has been caused by another. Learn more about pipeline blowouts...

Burn Injuries
Oil field workers, due to the environment that they regularly work in, are particularly prone to burn injuries from heat, chemicals or electricity. Many of these injuries are extremely painful and the medical treatments are extensive and costly. In some cases, a severe burn can wholly change many aspects of a person's life. A large percentage of these injuries could have been avoided had proper safety procedures been in place. Read more about burn injuries...

Chemical Burns
A good number of common oil field chemicals are corrosive and when they come into contact with living tissue they can be extremely damaging. Although many chemical burns will be obvious, others are less noticeable on an immediate basis and can cause damage underneath the surface of the skin. Workers need to be instructed on proper safety precautions and what to do when exposure occurs. We strive for compensation for those who have been victimized by chemical burns while on the job. Learn more about chemical burns...

Loss of Sight
One of the most life life-changing injuries that can happen is when an oil field worker is involved in an accident and loses their eyesight. OSHA has specific and detailed regulations which are designed to protect worker's eyes and neglect of these can lead to a devastating injury. In many cases, there is no or inadequate worker's compensation to help an employee who has lost their eyesight and that is where our firm strives to help. Find out more about loss of sight...

Loss of Hearing
The maximum decibel levels permitted for a safe working environment are repeatedly exceeded in oil field operations. Employers should take proper actions to prevent potentially damaging noise levels but this is frequently not done and can bring about a permanent loss of hearing. We use our experience to demand that compensation is paid when unsafe working conditions have caused you injury. Read more about loss of hearing...

Loss of Limbs
Loss of limbs can come from multiple sources in an oil field, including machinery malfunctions, dangerous equipment, pipeline blowouts and explosion accidents. When a limb is lost, either in an accident or as a result of one, recovery can be lengthy. In addition, the high cost of medical treatments and therapy can leave a worker with mounting bills they are unable to pay. We work to see that damages are paid when negligence causes a loss of limbs. Find out more about loss of limbs... Brain Injury One of the most devastating types of injuries that an oil worker can have happen are those that affect the brain. Side effects can be anything from depression and sleep disorders to seizures and various forms of paralysis. In some cases, a death will occur as a direct result of injury to the brain. We work to obtain the evidence needed to prove who is legally liable for the brain injury that was sustained. Read more about brain injury...

Wrongful Death
Although legal actions to recover damages after a wrongful death do not lessen the loss of a loved one, they can help secure your financial future and allow you to continue on with life. Additionally, they may help to inhibit the same unsafe and negligent work conditions from taking another oil field worker's life. Accidents which cause fatalities rarely occur on their own and culpable parties should be held responsible for what has occurred. Learn more about wrongful death...

Oil Field Accidents
An unsettling side effect of the boom in Texas oil over the last decade has been the oil field accidents which have resulted in injuries and fatalities. The push to increase production and the incentive to boost profits can lead to OSHA violations and their consequences. Many companies do not have worker's compensation and an injured worker may not know what can be done to compensate them for their injuries. Our firm endeavors to come to your aid during just such times. Read more about oil field accidents...

Causes of Oil Field Accidents
Improper employee training, unskilled workers, dangerous equipment, machinery malfunctions and open violations to known regulations are some of the most common causes of oil field accidents. Behind many of these incidents was a decision to take or fail to take action that could have prevented an injury. We know where to look and who to ask to uncover the actual cause of your accident and seek compensatory damages on your behalf. Learn more about causes of oil field accidents...

Falls from Oil Derricks
There is no lack of conditions, such as worn treads, loose grates, slick platforms, mislaid tools and equipment and more which can lead to a fall from an oil derrick. In addition, broken, absent or ineffective railings, along with the omission of proper safety restraints, can quickly bring about a severe injury or fatality. Employers are required to provide and enforce safety measures and when this does not occur, we make it our responsibility to see that they compensate the victims. Click here for more information about falls from oil derricks...

Machinery Malfunctions
Demands for increased production can lead to shortcuts in safe operation. Machines can be pressed beyond the point where they are safe to operate, unskilled workers are made to operate machinery they are not trained to use and maintenance falls woefully behind. Correctly documenting these and other facts can lead to just compensation for injured workers. Read more about machinery malfunctions...

Unsafe Work Conditions
Oil fields are, just by the work that is performed, a hazardous environment. They are made more so by oil companies, contractors and others who attempt to avoid or neglect safety regulations. Numerous incidents of unsafe work conditions, brought on by employer negligence, illustrate that accidents and injury can be prevented. If you are injured on the job, we make it our duty to pursue the compensation you deserve. Learn more about unsafe work conditions...

Improper Training
Employers must see to the complete training of their employees, including the safety procedures to be followed to prevent and correctly handle safety situations. The conditions of working in an oil field, coupled with the large equipment, machinery, pipes and structures in them, make safe operation a must. Failures to train are linked directly to accidents and injuries, some very serious in nature. Read more about improper training... Gas Leaks Gas lines which were not designed correctly or were improperly installed can lead to a host of injurious situations in oil fields. Additionally, oil fields are subject to gases, such as hydrogen sulfide, which are toxic to workers. Negligence and not mere chance is commonly the cause of gas leaks that end up hurting employees. Oil and insurance companies can be reluctant to fully compensate injured workers and that is where our firm works to be of assistance to you in your time of need. Find out more about gas leaks...

Royalty Beneficiaries
The laws in our state concerning the rights of property owners are very convoluted and generally support oil and gas companies. A property owner has both surface and mineral rights and can lease the mineral rights to a company and be paid royalties. The nature of such leases and defending those royalty rights for future beneficiaries demands the necessity of skilled representation. Before making any decisions concerning leasing mineral rights, consult with an attorney from our firm who is dedicated to protecting your best interests. Read more about royalty beneficiaries...

Dangerous Equipment
Most equipment is not, by itself, naturally dangerous. When it is not properly repaired or maintained or when untrained workers operate it, equipment can then become deadly. From the loudness of its operation to the hazards of its unsafe use, much of the equipment used in oil fields has the potential to harm a worker. When equipment is made dangerous by the actions of others and it results in you being injured, our firm is ready to take up your fight for just compensation. Read more about dangerous equipment...

For the preservation of your rights to compensation, contact a Texas oil field injury attorney when unsafe working conditions or OSHA violations have led to your being injured on the job.

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